Rep. Clyburn Condemns Trump’s Leadership

August 16, 2017 Vicki Cohill 0

(SBN) – Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) has been verbal on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric surrounding his recent press conference where some say he defended white supremacy. Rep. Clyburn also questions the current leadership coming from […]


Civil Rights Groups Respond to Trump

August 14, 2017 Allegra Johnson 0

(SBN) – President Trump is facing more backlash after a delayed response to the racist attack in Charlottesville, VA.  Allegra Johnson has more with the President and CEO of the National Urban League.  


Extended Evening News RoundUp

August 11, 2017 Allegra Johnson 0

(SBN) — New evidence in the R.Kelly “sex cult” are prompting officials in Georgia to call for a criminal investigation of the singer. An ex-gang member now police officer arrested for a crime he committed […]