[VIDEO] Malia Obama Fires Back After Woman Tries to Take Photo of Her in Harvard Square

(SBN) — Despite efforts to blend in at Harvard University, Malia Obama is getting some unwanted attention.  According to TMZ, the former First Daughter and her friend were entering a sandwich shop in Harvard Square when a woman asked for a photo of Malia for her grandchild.

Malia politely declined the photo, but the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer.

From TMZ:  

The grandma was undeterred and staked out the salad joint, waiting for Malia to leave. When she did, we’re told the grandma trained her camera on the former First Daughter and Malia fired back, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?”

Just last week, Former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama moved their oldest daughter onto campus.

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