Texas: Massive Rescue Effort Continues as Houston Braces for More Rain

(US Coast Guard, National Guard. Twitter)

(SBN) – Most of Houston metro is underway as torrential rains continue to fall on the city, inundating every major highway in the nation’s fourth-largest city with water.  Meteorologists say some 20-trillion gallons of water could fall on Houston before it’s all over.

The deadly result of Hurricane Harvey, which slammed ashore in Rockport, TX late Friday as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm has lingered dropping heavy rain as a tropical storm which has settled over Houston.  Houston had not put in place evacuation procedures before the storm.

Harvey is said to be on the move at 3 mph heading back into the Gulf of Mexico.

FEMA, the National Guard, US Coast Guard and hundreds of emergency responders from around the country are helping with the emergency effort.

Texas Governor Gregory Abbot updates the situation:

Hundreds of helicopter rescues were made.

In Rockport, TX where Harvey first made landfall the daughter of a nursing home owner tweeted a photo of residents trapped in high water.  The viral images led to the safe rescue of all involved.

Another viral image during the storm was that of a lost golden retriever, carrying a bag of dog food in its mouth.



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Twitter user @CozaaaayBOOIIII tweets, “@KHOU put me on tv bruh this not okay #Harvey #LeagueCity #ViewsFromThe2ndFloor”
(SBN) – The latest on the catastrophic flooding in Houston, TX, from ongoing torrential rain spawned by now Tropical Storm Harvey:
  • Houston Mayor Sylvester turner has confirmed at least one death from catastrophic flooding in the city overnight. A woman who tried to drive through high water, apparently drowned after exiting her vehicle.Houston is bearing the brunt of life-threatening rains that have lingered over the city since yesterday. Mayor Turner said during a morning press conference that it’s the worst flooding and state has ever seen:https://youtu.be/PB8RGBwm-9s

    Original post: 8/27/17  7:45AM

    (SBN) – Houston’s 911 emergency responders were said to be “at capacity” early Sunday morning with hundreds of water rescues, as torrential rain from Harvey stall over the city and southeast Texas swamping some areas with up to six inches of rain every hour overnight, according to emergency management officials.  Now downgraded to a tropical storm, the Category Hurricane Harvey slammed ashore in Rockport, TX, around 10pm Friday night.

    Michael Palmer, lead meteorologist with the Weather Channel said, “This is a life-threatening situation.”

    Meantime, in a Tweet, Meteorologist Ryan Maue said 20 trillion gallons of water could fall on Texas in the next week.

    Meantime, as of 8:13AM Sunday morning, at least 7 storm-related deaths had been confirmed, and, as rains continue many more Texans could face danger in the next week.

    Weather officials warned residents that they would wake up to major flooding in Houston, as Twitter user @KimMarcumTexas found out this morning.

    Images also show, among Houston’s heavily traveled highways, Interstate 45 and the 610 Loop, inundated with water.

    President Trump has been monitoring the storm from Camp David, tweeting this morning, “I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. The focus must be life and safety.” He quickly followed up the tweet with an announcement that he’d also be visiting Missouri, “a state that I won by alot.”

    Meantime, rescue shelters are overflowing in the southeast Texas region.



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