Bi-Racial Portland Activist Caught Between Hate & Anti-Hate Rhetoric

(L-R) Anti-hate demonstrators marching after cancellation of ‘Freedom Rally (Twitter) Joey Gibson (center) founder of Patriot Prayer (Facebook), and anti-fascists surround a man who identifies himself as a reporter during violent clash in Berkeley, CA on Sunday, 8/27/17. (Twitter)

(SBN) – Two different demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in northern California over the weekend produced very different results.  In San Francisco Saturday, planners  of the so-called ‘Freedom Rally’ were forced to cancel, over fears that violence would erupt by groups who linked it to white nationalists groups.  ‘Freedom Rally’ organizer Joey Gibson says his group ‘Patriot Prayer‘ is not a hate group, but focuses on “freedom’ and “freedom of speech” for all people.

Meantime, in Berkeley, CA, violence erupted between left-wing protesters and least five right-wing demonstrators.

SBN’s Kim Lampkins has more …

See Gibson’s full comment about his group Patriot Prayer:


San Francisco 



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