White House Report: Trump to Head to Texas in the Wake of Harvey

Teleconference at Camp David for Hurricane Harvey briefing, (White House Photos)

(SBN) – As the government’s emergency agencies are in high gear responding to the catastrophic affects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the White House says President Trump will visit the region Tuesday. Mr. Trump will not go to impacted areas due to safety and logistical concerns. Meantime, a clip of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has gone viral as he suggests on Fox News Sunday that the President does not speak for American values. On the hot-button topic of Mr. Trump’s controversial comments about Charlottesville, Tillerson said, “The President speaks for himself.”

SBN White House Report with Kim Lampkins

Meantime, Mr. Trump spent the weekend tweeting about a number of topics,  to include the Harvey reponse, “Wow – Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood! We have an all out effort going, and going well!

The President also tweeted: “I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption.”  The follow-up tweet raised eybrows when Trump said that he will also be visiting Missouri , “a state that I won by alot in ’16. Dem C.M. is opposed to big tax cuts. Republicans will win S.”

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