BREAKING: Active Shooter in South Carolina


Updated 5:45PM EST

(SBN) – John Tecklenburg, Mayor of Charleston, SC briefed the media and the general public following a shooting where an alleged “disgruntled employee” opened fire killing one person and injuring another during a hostage situation in the city’s downtown. “We do ask our community’s prayers for one family today, because one person has been killed today,” Tecklenburg said, “This was a tragic case of a disturbed individual, I think, with a history of some mental health challenges.”

Updated 1:43PM EST

(SBN) – Reports say one person was shot and transported to the hospital. No word on the condition of the victim. A police spokesperson said the shooter is a disgruntled employee, however didn’t give a name or physical description.


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(SBN) – Authorities in Charleston, SC way there is an active shooter in the area. No details have been released with information on potential victims or the alleged shooter. We will continue to update this thread.


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