White House Report: Trump Commits More Troops to Afghanistan; House Speaker Says Trump ‘Messed up’ on Charlottesville

President Donald Trump (whitehouse.gov), House Speaker Paul Ryan (CNN YouTube screenshot)

(SBN) – An ‘about-face’ of sorts for President Trump who had previously vowed get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.  During a prime time address last night, the president committed to sending more troops, and vowing ‘attacks‘ while being light on specific details. The president acknowledged his change of view was the result of the realities of his office, saying, “… decisions are much different when you’re sitting in the Oval Office, in other words when you’re President of the United States.”

Meantime, also on prime time, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the president “messed up” on his response to the deadly Charlottesville riots.

SBN White House Report from Kim Lampkins …

Watch full address on new strategy in Afghanistan:


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