NYC Courts Throw Out Over 600,000 Warrants

Manhattan New York (File Photo)

(SBN) — A stream of applause broke out in a Brooklyn New York court room Wednesday.  Criminal Court Judge Frederick Arriage threw out thousands of warrants for people who did show up in court or pay fines for minor offenses committed ten or more years ago.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez made the request and told officials:

“Someone who owes a $25 fine should not be arrested and brought down to central booking and spend 20 or 24 hours in a cell next to a hardened criminal. That’s not fair, and that’s not justice.”

Courts in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx threw out similar cases, and in all – more than 644,000 warrants were nullified.  The move is hailed by New York City lawmakers and highlights the city’s efforts to promote a more fair approach to low-level offenses.

Many of the warrants were issued for failing to answer summonses for things like; open container violations, or being in a park after dusk,

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