Google Doodle Depicts Civil Rights Milestone – Silent Parade of 1917

(SBN) — On July 28th 1917, nearly 10,000 African Americans walked in complete silence down Fifth Avenue in New York City to protest violence against blacks. Today Google is depicting the Silent Parade of 1917, through it’s popular “Google Doodle.”

Google Doodle July, 28 2017 (Photo

The event was organized by the NAACP to protest lynching and racial violence against African Americans across the nation. It was reported that between May and July of 1917 up to 250 black people were killed by white mobs during riots in East St. Louis, Illinois. Women and children wearing all white led the march, followed by men wearing dark suits – and marching in complete silence.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Silent Parade of 1917.

The Silent Parade of 1917
The Silent Parade of 1917
The Silent Parade of 1917

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