San Diego: Police Dog Viciously Bites Handcuffed Man

(Facebook/Angel Nunez screenshot)

(SBN) – Disturbing cell phone video posted to Facebook Wednesday shows a police dog viciously biting and pulling the arm of a handcuffed man who was on the ground and not resisting.

Facebook user Angel Nuñez captured footage for at 30 seconds while one officer attempts — in vain — to pull the dog animal off.

The man can be heard repeatedly screaming and shouting, “Uncomfortable, uncomfortable!”

Nuñez, who posted the video Monday night, said he was at work when the incident occurred. He can be heard asking officers several times, “Why the can’t call the dog off of him?”

According to the LA Times, the San Diego Police Department said the dog acted within police guidelines. Police had been called to the scene after reports of a man acting erratically.



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