Official: UPS Shooter Apparently Felt Disrespected

(AP Photo)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A San Francisco police department official says the UPS driver who shot and killed three colleagues appears to have felt disrespected by his co-workers.

The official could not provide details and cautioned it’s one of several possible motives for Wednesday’s shooting by 38-year-old Jimmy Lam during a meeting of fellow UPS drivers at a San Francisco UPS warehouse. The official spoke Friday on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing and the department is not discussing the case publicly.

Shaun Vu, a senior UPS driver, has said Lam also struggled with personal issues and was depressed a few years ago. He had shown improvement, but Vu said Lam looked troubled a few weeks ago. That was around the time Lam filed a grievance over his work hours.

The official says Lam appears to have targeted the three drivers he fatally shot. It’s not clear those drivers had anything to do with his feeling of being disrespected.

Lam killed himself as officers approached.

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