Muslim Police Officer Says She was Harassed by NY colleagues

Officer Danielle Alamrani (Twitter / @NYPDMuslim)

NEW YORK (AP) – A Muslim police officer who wears a hijab at work says she was insulted and discriminated against by her fellow New York City officers because of her religion.

Officer Danielle Alamrani filed a federal lawsuit this week. She says one of her supervisors told her not to “detonate on patrol” and others said she was a “moving target.”

She says one of the lowest points came while working on Christmas Day 2012, when fellow officers tried to rip the hijab off her head.

The city’s law department said it was reviewing the lawsuit. The NYPD has about 900 uniformed Muslim officers. The department recently loosened its restrictions on beards for officers requesting a religious exemption. Alamrani is one of two women who wear a hijab.

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